My opinion on compatibility matching systems

People often make statements such as “opposites attract.” When it comes to dating and friendship, however, this has been shown to not be true. Psychologists who have studied attraction have have long known that the more similar two people are, the more likely they are to get along.

This is the concept behind dating sites like eHarmony as well. In the case of eHarmony, the site asks you to complete a long personality test prior to signing up. After you do that, eHarmony uses an algorithm to analyze your personality and generate a full personality profile.

As you can probably imagine, the results of the test are also used to match you with people you will be compatible with. This is not some random process, and it seems the eHarmony algorithm takes many complex things into account. According to their site, they use 29 dimensions of compatibility to find your matches.

A while back, I joined eHarmony for free using a free trial offer and went through the process of completing the test and receiving matches. The one frustrating aspect of this type of dating is that you only receive a handful of matches at once. On the flip side, the scant number of matches you receive mean that you have a lot more time to carefully review each of your matches. For those who want to join eHarmony for free, use the trial available from web sites like

On eHarmony, you are less likely to get lost amongst thousands of other online daters in your area. You do need to have some faith in the system being used, but it’s not hard to put your trust in eHarmony, given the number of marriages the site has been responsible for.  If you believe their commercials, eHarmony has created more marriages than any other website.

Of course, if you’re not yet reading for such a serious relationship, a different website might make for a better choice for you. But for anyone who is interested in finding their soul mate or a lifelong relationship, eHarmony should be one of the first dating sites you join.

If compatibility matching doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea, and you want a quicker, easier solution, perhaps you should consider the popular app, tinder. Read more about this option on my recent post, Should you try Tinder?