Best online dating sites

list of top internet dating sitesThinking of trying your hand at finding romance online? The number of dating sites have exploded, and it can be a bit confusing to select the right site. Fortunately, the old, big favorites are still among the best sites to use for online dating. Below are a list of my favorite online dating sites.

1. Eharmony
This site would appeal to those looking for long term love. If you’re after a quick fling or a casual date, this is not your site. On the other hand, if you want a steady relationship that will likely lead to marriage, Eharmony is probably the best choice for you. It’s a matter of record now that Eharmony has accounted for the greatest number of marriages among online dating sites. So if you’re looking to settle down, make sure you give this site a try. You can get eharmony coupons and promo codes at this link: You can also read more about Eharmony and compatibility matching system on my recent article, My opinion on compatibility matching systems.

If there is an online dating site that embodies the phrase “one size fits all,” then that site would definitely be The big advantage of is that they have a substantial number of members numbering in the millions. With those kinds of numbers, you are bound to find just about any type of individual you’re interested in. On, you need to search for and initiate contact with people you like, so it might not appeal so much to they shy types.

Some people don’t have much luck with Eharmony or worse yet, are “rejected” when they try to apply. is a solid alternative, and works in pretty much the same way as the site it is modeled after. The one disadvantage is that it doesn’t have as many members as Eharmony does.

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